Website maintenance

Is there no one to maintain your website? Something needs to be modified, content needs to be uploaded?

A website needs constant care even after its creation. On the one hand the domain and server costs need to be paid, on the other hand we need to react to any occurring problems (e.g. hacking attack) or needs (e.g. GDPR requirements).

below we will be writing about WordPress maintenance

WordPress sites require active maintenance!

Popularity has its price: we have to make sure that the websites using WordPress are always up-to-date and that they have regular security backups. We have had to experience first hand that even small websites are in danger. We are tempted to think that our little page is of no interest to any hacker. It doesn’t have many visitors, no one wants to hack it. It’s not true!

Truly, no one will sit down and try to guess the password or rewrite the content of your page… but there are automatized programmes specifically designed for this purpose. These robots will break your site’s security to place their advertisements and links on it (often pointing to illegal content).
And because of spamming, Google will punish our site and may even ban it.

What can we do to avoid this?


Use secure sources

Anyone can create WordPress plugins and themes but not everyone doing so means well. It is important to always and only use themes and plugins which come from secure sources because otherwise they can present a security risk.

Update, update, update!

It is important to always have the latest WordPress version installed and to update your theme and plugins as well.

Make sure your site is safe

Use strong passwords, install security plugins with firewall protection which helps protect your site and find malicious files and scripts. Last but not least: always have a security backup of your site!

All this can be a huge challenge to someone who does not do this every day, but is an easy routine task to us. Trust us with your website and spend your time on the thing you love: your business!

Content creation & text writing

For your site to be interesting to your visitors and web surfers, it needs content of good quantity and quality. Some years ago some tricks and settings were enough to rank first on Google’s hit list, but today the algorithms are far more sophisticated than that. Google now tries to evaluate the usefulness and importance of your content to your possible visitors.

This is what makes the so-called “content-marketing” necessary. This means uploading regular, new, interesting content on your website in order to be found on the web.

We keep your site up-to-date

If you have more important things to do than writing texts, leave it to us! Or would you prefer writing it yourself? Reach out to us for consulting, and we will help you write better content, reach even more people with your posts, and spare yourself much energy and effort.

Let's work together!

If you are in need of a new website, or you would like some help or advice in any of the connected areas, feel free to reach out to us so that we can develop your business together! We are looking forward to working with you!

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