What is WordPress?

If you have never heard of it or you have but are not quite sure what it is exactly, read on and you will find it out 😉

In short: it is a CMS - but what is that?

WordPress is a CMS, which is short for “Content Management System”. To put it more clearly, it is a piece of software that helps you manage the content of your website without reading endless lines of codes. Other CMS are Drupal and Joomla.

Originally a blog engine - now so much more

WordPress was originally created to be a blog engine, which can still be seen on its user interface. However, by now it is not only used by bloggers, because it has become so much more than that. 31% of all website are WordPress pages. With the help of different themes and plugins we can create all kinds of sites, tribute pages, journals, or even webshops.

100% customizable

Even though it is built using a theme, you don’t need to worry: your website will be unique, with personal graphics and a customized layout.

Functions are extendable anytime (even for free)

Every day numerous plugins are developed for WordPress, and if you need something even more special than that, a developer or agency can get it done easily.

Easy to manage

You can manage your website’s content easily, via an interface that can be customized to your needs. If your company has more members, they can all have separate user accounts with different permission levels so that everyone can do the task appointed to them.

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