We have good news: our new website has come to life, and from now on we are ready to follow your dreams!

That’s right, not our dreams but yours. Because with the WebCast team, it is our goal to help you as an individual enterpreneur or as the leader of an enterprise create and develop your online presence. We provide comprehensive support in all topics related to the online presence of an enterprise: we create, develop, maintain and optimize WordPress websites, make them mobile-friendly, provide SEO services, design logos, custom-made pictures, icons and graphics, create business profiles on various social media platforms, and last but not least, we give consulting.

To give a short answer to the question of what we can help you in, we could say: Everything. And more. 😉

Therefore, our goal and mission is this: we would like to take all burdens related to the online world off our business partners’ shoulders and accompany them from the very first steps (or from a later milestone) on their journey at the end of which they have in their hands a stable, well marketed and popular enterprise. As we see it, the owner of an enterprise is most efficient if they can focus all their attention and creativity on their enterprise and on what they can do best. From our part, we help them in what we do best; we provide all the services related to online presence so that they do not have to look for new partners. This is what makes our collaboration efficient: the all-in-one service.

We aim for the international market by providing multilingual support. Our new website is now ready in Hungarian and in English, but we plan to extend it with a German and a French version soon. We offer our help to our business partners in this area as well: if they would like to expand in Europe or even beyond, we will not only help them in the technicalities of creating a bi- or multilingual website, but also in the translation into English, German and  French.

Here you can get even more info about our services, and here you can have a look at some of our previous work (no need to say, this is not a complete list). And of course what would be a more authentic reference than our own site? 😉

We will check in soon with another blog post, until then make yourselves at home on our site and do not hesitate to contact us on any of our contact channels!

We can hardly wait to work with you!

Kind regards,

The WebCast team